Make Quilts, Not Dolls


My son is going away to college at the end of August (after he gets back from his 6 week job at a summer camp) and is leaving a big hole in many lives, including a wonderful female friend we’ll call “Anne.” My son promised “Anne” that he’d make a doll of himself to keep her from getting lonely.

Kevin doll

Knowing his schedule and limited sewing skills, I decided to make the doll. It was not supposed to be a serious effort, so I apologize to the amazing doll-makers out there who might think I’m mocking their talents. I fused a photo of his face to the head and used fabric markers to make the hair. (I tried using wool, but it was too difficult to get the tapestry needle through the quilter’s cotton; more successful doll-makers use a knit for the face area.) The body is constructed of quilter’s cotton and stuffed with left-over batting. I cut up two of his favorite shirts (which were sitting in the “throw out” pile) to make the shirt and the shorts.

(By the way, sewing with knits is horrible. I’d forgotten how much I hated it. Constructing the clothing was not fun and reminded me why I only sew with cottons.) Because the shirt and shorts fit so poorly, I have actually sewn them on the doll.

I think the doll is very cute and a great idea. The execution left a lot to be desired, but it’s meant to be a keepsake and not an award-winning doll.

You can see some amazing fabric dolls at:


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