Ricky Tims Super Seminar — Part 3


Ricky Tims and Libby Lehman signing autographs

It’s been almost a week since I attended the Ricky Tims Super Seminar in Rochester, NY. Earlier this week, I shared with you about the venue and the topics covered by Ricky. The seminar also features two enormously talented quilters — Libby Lehman and Alex Anderson.

Libby Lehman missed her calling as a standup comic . She is laugh-out-loud funny, in addition to being a talented quilter and well-respected quilt judge. Libby’s mother owned a quilt shop, so Libby learned quilting  by taking classes at a young age. Two of the topics Libby covered were thread painting and reverse applique. I have never attempted reverse applique and was very impressed by this demo. She also gave a great demonstration of how to use the circular attachment on your sewing machine. You can see Libby’s work at:


Alex Anderson earned her fame on “Simply Quilts,” a long-running PBS series. She made her first quilt in college, when she discovered she was a credit short for her art degree and asked if piecing together her grandmother’s quilt would allow her to graduate. I really enjoyed Alex’s lecture on fabric selection. She also gave a hand-quilting demo. You can see Alex’s work at:


The final 30 minutes of the program was a prepared slide show answering questions about all three quilters. These questions included:

1. What kind of flooring do you have in your studio?

2. What is the view from your studio window?

3. What do you do while you’re quilting (listen to music, watch TV, etc.)?

Each presenter then showed slides of their studio and answered these questions. It was very interesting to see the environments and methods in which they worked.

Libby, Alex and Ricky answering questions

I also enjoyed learning that all three quilters are evolving. That’s no surprise for Ricky, who has always been an innovator. Libby Lehman, well known for her thread painting, has moved on to other things. And Alex Anderson, known for hand-quilting, is on a new journey to becoming a machine quilter.

The seminar cost about $200 and included ten, 90-minute instructional sessions, as well as an evening concert (which I did not attend). I’ve taken this seminar twice — as both a novice and fairly seasoned quilter — and would highly recommend it to quilters of all levels.



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  1. So what kind of flooring do they have in their studios? Do they have views of block them out? Do they watch TV or listen to music?

  2. Alex Anderson had carpet (because didn’t get dusty) and Ricky Tims had slate (because the floor was uneven.) Alex’s view was her backyard and Ricky had a great view of the mountains. Libby Lehman had an incredibly organized studio. Can’t remember who listened to music and who watched TV. There was so much information that it all kind of blurred together after awhile. Libby worked in bedrooms in her home (one for her office and one for her work area). Alex had a studio which was an addition to her home. Ricky (as I recall) made his studio out of an unused garage.

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