Quiting, interupted


My experience has been that most quilters — like me — would rather quilt than carry out mundane household chores like  cleaning.  However there’s always a judgmental little voice in my head telling me that my cleaning standards should be a lot higher than they are.  The line I most often think of is: If your bathroom isn’t clean enough for Mrs. Obama to use if she happened to be in the neighborhood, then you need to do some cleaning. (Of course I always figured that, if the Secret Service were sweeping my house for bugs and other devices just so Michelle could pee, then they could spend a couple extra  minutes with a toilet brush and a vacuum cleaner.)

The real need for a clean bathroom is not for impromptu presidential visits — it’s when you  have the stomach flu. That’s been the case this week with my daughter (Monday and Tuesday) and me (yesterday). We’ve both had a wicked virus. In fact, I weighed myself this morning and realized I’d lost 6.5 pounds in the last 24 hours. That’s a lot of body fluids.

At the risk of providing too much information, I will stop now. Hopefully I’ll be back to quilting shortly. And I’d suggest that Mrs. Obama knock on our neighbor’s door if she needs to use the facilities!



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  1. Not that I want to laugh at your discomfort, but this post made me laugh!! I LOVE your writing style, girl!
    Feel better.

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