Ricky Tims’ Super Seminar — Part 1


This past weekend (July 12 to 14), I attended the Ricky Tims’ Super Seminar in Rochester, NY . It was held in the Gordon Field House at Rochester Institute of Technology. This was the largest seminar yet, with 740 attendees.

I’d attended this seminar two years ago in Cape Cod, when I was a more novice quilter. I was attracted to this seminar because (1) my friend Vicki from Toronto wanted to attend, and I seldom see her, and (2) because it was a lecture-only format and I was not comfortable being the worst person in the class. Overall I had a great experience in Cape Cod, although some of the lectures were too advanced for me. (Yes, I could have opened the class syllabus a year later and figured it all out, but I never got around to it.)

This time I was able to keep pace with the entire program (which I will talk more about tomorrow). Basically the program consists of ten, 90 minute lectures, by Ricky Tims, Alex Anderson and Libby Lehman.

As you can see by my photo, images are projected on a huge TV screen and the image quality is awesome. You can see everything — including the sewing demos — with great clarity. The diagrams and photos are equally wonderful, and all the technical information is in your 4-color syllabus. There is no need to take notes or strain your neck trying to see. The entire seminar is very well illustrated.

(If you can’t see the photos, please check out my blog at quiltnotes.wordpress.com)

Here is the large screen. As you can see by the interpreter in the lower left-hand corner, the screen is huge and the image quality is excellent. The photo on the screen is of Ricky’s first quilt.

Seminar area at Gordon Field House, Rochester Institute of Technology

The second photo shows the back of the screen. In this area was Ricky’s private collection of quilts, as well as a couple quilts by Alex Anderson and Libby Lehman. To the right of the quilt display was a large store area that sold Ricky Tims’ products — including fabric, thread and DVD.

Across from the store was a Bernina area. I was able to see a price list and tell that Bernina was offering good show specials, but was disappointed to see that none of the machines had prices on the first day of seminar, and only a few had prices by the last day. I also found out that the price lists were not meant for customers, because the dealership owner told me so as I was puzzling over machine costs. (Can you tell I wasn’t impressed by these sales techniques?)

The seminar runs like clockwork. As I said, the video quality was excellent and the audio quality was equally good.

My only complaint were the seats. The stadium seating was hard and did not have much leg room (especially for people like me who are 6 feet tall). There was constant chatter around me from women with pain in their knees and hips, and general agreement that the rear ends in the quilting demographic (older women) did not belong in stadiums. That said, I’m not sure how they could have done much better, unless they built stadium seating and furnished everyone with a Lazy-Boy chair!

Tomorrow I’ll share what I learned at the seminar.


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