Jamie Wallen rescued me


I have a new man in my life — and please don’t tell my husband of 28 years! His name is Jamie Wallen and he saved me this week. Let me explain …

Since I’ve had my A1 longarm, I’ve been fortunate not to re-time my machine. However on Monday afternoon, I broke a needle. It was obvious that it was time to re-time!

Now I had prepared for this day. I’d taken 2 courses on longarm maintenance and watched the process demonstrated. I had my A1 maintenance manual. I followed the directions. I was clueless and pretty much screwed. After my husband came home from work, we spent almost 2 hours trying to figure out what we were doing wrong — until I had the brilliant suggestion of checking for Youtube videos. Thankfully, Jamie Wallen had posted a wonderfully clear video on the subject. After about 30 seconds my hubby had an “ah ha” moment and knew what we (he by this point) were doing wrong. My timing was complete! My machine was now working beautifully again.

Here’s the link, along with my sincere gratitude to Jamie for creating and posting such a valuable video.


Turns out, Jamie is more than an A1 mechanic. He also creates incredible, beautiful quilts. His website provides some serious eye candy. I hope you’ll appreciate him as much as I have!



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  1. Jamie is awesome! I had the pleasure of meeting him in person at the A-1 Booth at MQX a few years ago and he was so kind and took the time to have a long conversation with me. I also have his Mystical Cottontracks “workshop” and it’s great! So glad you were able to get your machine timed with his help! That’s a scary thing to do!

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