Linda Warren Lecture


On Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending a lecture by Linda Warren in New York City. She was speaking to the Empire Quilter’s Guild about color.

Linda was not born knowing about color.  She describes learning color as being akin to learning any other set of skills — you do not sit down at a piano and know how to play — you practice! And learning a musical instrument is just like learning about color. Practice! Practice! Practice!

Linda suggests that we don’t be afraid of colors. Set up a design wall (a flannel sheet will work just fine) and play around with blocks and with color. Her final words were: “Try Stuff. Play to learn about design.”

I actually like this idea. I’ve always figured that good use of color was some kind of magical skill that others (not me) were born with. Her lecture made me much more willing to play around and not just accept the first color combination I come upon.

You can see Linda’s quilts at

I also purchased one of her patterns. The quilt, as you can see from her gallery pictures, is stunning.

(If you can’t see the photo, please go to my blog at

Linda Warren describing one of the block-of-the-month quilts that she designed

Linda Warren quilt pattern — I can’t wait to try this!


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