Lecture: Phyllis Twigg Hatcher, “150 Years of Quilts”


This past weekend I attended the Peconic Quilt Show on the east end of Long Island. One of the highlights was a lecture by Phyllis Twigg Hatcher featuring 150 years of quilts.

There is something magical about seeing quilts that were made in the 1800’s. Especially quilts that had a modern design. It makes you see that these women were truly artists and — despite lives that involved a lot of mundane household chores — they took the time to make their quilts beautiful.

Phyllis is an excellent speaker. She was informative, energetic, and very funny. She had great stories about the background of each quilt, and she probably showed us 30 of them. Even though I’m not especially fascinated by older quilts, I learned a great deal and came away with a far greater appreciation of older quilts. I also learned quite a bit about the dying process.

One more comment … I had my teenage daughter with me at the lecture, and my daughter even admitted that Phyllis “did not suck.” That kind of praise is equivalent to having your quilt win at Houston!

You can learn more about Phyllis at http://www.quilt-appraiser.com/about_phyllis.html

(If you can’t see the photos, please check out my blog at quiltnotes.wordpress.com)

Phyllis talking about a redwork quilt.

One of the crib quilts from the lecture. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s about 150 years old.


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