Bobbing for Bobbins


It’s the beginning of a new month, so it’s time for New Month Resolutions. In my case, one essential task was creating order in my bobbin drawer.

I use pre-wound bobbins (SuperBob’s) from Superior Threads. Some I buy in groups of 6 and some in groups of 12. I also buy their assortment packs. All of these bobbins mostly come on a cardboard blister pack that falls apart once you open it. My previous solution has been to transfer bobbins into small zip-log bags with identical colors. Except when I have an assortment of 12 bobbins, and the non-used bobbins fall into the bottom of the drawer. As you can see by the photo, my bobbin drawer is a mess.

I’ve been looking for a solution. Last weekend, Joann’s Fabrics had their bobbin boxes on sale for half price — about $1.70. I went to our two local Joann’s stores and bought up all of their boxes (total 13) and then ordered 10 more online. Even though each box holds 30, I hadn’t calculated in the fact that I only want one color per row. I’m still waiting for the online order to arrive, as well as a large order from Superior Threads, so we’ll see if I ordered enough. I used a Sharpie Marker to write the color on each row in the box.

So much of my life is chaotic. My organized bobbins make me feel peaceful and in control. It’s a little thing, but it helps!

Art Bin bobbin boxes are available at Joann Fabrics:

SuperBob pre-wound bobbins are available at:

(If you can’t see the photos, check out my blog at

My bobbin drawer (before)

Neatly organized bobbins


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  1. They look so neat and organized. I completely understand how one small thing can help you feel in control. Sort of like moving and unpacking one room first so you have a haven to get away to.

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