Baby Genius Quilt


This quilt was made by my client Rochelle for Lucas, her 2-year-old grandson. The quilt is made from a kit using Baby Genius fabrics.

I’ve actually used some of these fabrics in a quilt for my geek husband, so I was excited to open the box and see this design. There is something about the Baby Genius fabrics that make me smile! The colors and design called out for custom quilting to accentuate the attic windows and the creatures within each block.

Unfortunately, we did not take a close-up photo of the stars at the bottom. I love to quilt kids’ names into their quilts. It’s pretty easy because cursive is a single line. However, because Lucas was so young, I decided to use block lettering instead. I actually quilted each letter individually and buried my threads!This quilt got the seal of approval from my 17-year-old son, who basically does not like anything I do (quilting or otherwise). When my son said that he loved the quilt, I was pretty certain that young Lucas would love it too!

Baby Genius Quilt

Pieced back is almost as cute as the front!



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  1. I can’t wait to give Lucas his quilt……I will have to send you a picture!! Love your blog Sue!!!

  2. I agree with everybody … this quilt is adorable. I think it’s charm is that it’s so unexpected. We always make our baby/toddler quilts in pastel colors with pictures of puppies or ducks. This design is much more interesting and appeals to both adults and kids. Great choice, Rochelle!

    • Thank you, Sue. I’m certainly not opposed to puppies and ducks. Last year I made a quilt for my great nephew that I embroidered ducks on to but as a new grandma I researched quilts to make and came upon this fabric:

      “These delightful fabrics designed by Linda Carlson and Diana Henage will tickle your child’s imagination. Based on educational studies, Baby Geniuses was especially designed to encourage a child’s brain activity for your baby’s first developmental years.”

      As you can see, I was hooked!! My only regret was that the quilt was way too big for his crib, but it will be perfect for his toddler bed and he will be able to enjoy it for even more years to come!!!

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