Charity Quilt #1


It’s time for a true confession —  I’ve belonged to my guild for three years and never made a charity quilt. I’ve done some other items for charity (animal beds and Christmas stockings) but I have yet to contribute a quilt. And I’ve felt pretty darn guilty about it.

This Spring, my goal is to donate three nice charity quilts to our guild. So far, I’ve done one.

When I started longarming, I bought several quilt tops on eBay. I used some of them initially to practice my skills, but I still have several unquilted tops in my studio. These are becoming the tops for my charity quilts.

I always admire people who donate lovely quilts to charity. I know that, for the sake of making lots of quilts, guilds often tie their quilts and use pillow case bindings. But I love the idea that people will receive lovely designs, beautifully quilted, with proper binding. And I think I’ve done that.

This quilt is stitched with a pantograph pattern called “Deb’s Feathers” by Deb Geissler.

One charity quilt done; two to go before our last meeting on June 9th. Stay tuned!

(If you cannot see the photos, please visit my blog at


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