Explaining “Quilt Market”


Shortly after I started quilting, I went shopping at a couple of our local quilt stores. At both stores, I was told that the managers and owners were “at Market.” I knew that they weren’t referring to a trip to the local grocery store, but “Market” seemed to be common knowledge for every quilter but me.

So let me enlighten you. “Quilt Market” is a semi-annual trade show for the quilting industry. The fall show is always held in Houston at the end of October and is not open to the public. The spring show changes location and, after an industry-only show, is open to the public. The 2012 spring show (which ended yesterday) was held in Kansas City, Missouri; the 2013 spring show will be in Portland, Oregon. Both shows feature classes and vendors, and it is where quilt shops see (and purchase) the new products available in the quilt industry and learn new techniques to teach their customers.

You can see images from Quilt Market on Pokey Bolton’s blog:


You can learn more about Quilt Market at:




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