Review: Omni Thread by Superior Threads


If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that I was the Queen of Tension Problems with my longarm. After frustrating attempts with several different kinds of thread, my representative suggested Signature. I’ve been using their 40 weight cotton thread (along with Superior Thread’s pre-wound bobbins) exclusively for the last year. Thankfully, my tension problems are a thing of the past.

I have been pretty happy with Signature Thread. It is reasonably priced and comes in a lot of colors. The downside is that it is EXTREMELY linty. Some of my longarm colleagues have told me that all 100% cotton threads generate a lot of lint; others have confirmed that Signature wins the prize for lint generation. Regardless, I seem to spend a lot of time picking lint balls out of my machine.

At the recent MQX East quilt show, I was in line at the Superior Threads’ booth stocking up on pre-wound bobbins. One of my longarm friends looked at my purchases and asked if I’d tried Superior’s Omni Thread. I hadn’t — and had no desire to. She’d switched to Omni and absolutely loved it.¬† Honestly — she was raving about how great it was — and I’m pretty sure she wasn’t an undercover Superior employee hired to generate business. She pretty much forced me to buy a couple of spools to try. After telling myself that it wouldn’t kill me to be open-minded, I bought 2 colors and put them directly into my drawer of unusable threads. So much for being open-minded.

This week I decided it was time to work on a charity quilt. Which was also the perfect opportunity to give the Omni thread a try.

I must admit that I’m a convert. Omni thread is indistinguishable from cotton, but it is polyester and much stronger. It worked beautifully, with no tension adjustments needed. Best of all, it leaves my longarm relatively lint-free. Furthermore, Omni thread turns out to be cheaper than my current thread brand and is available in more than 170 colors. I give it a 5-star rating and will be placing an order for more in the near future.

I guess the lesson is that we don’t always have to stick to our tried-and-true products. There may actually be something better out there.

You can learn more about Omni thread at

Signature’s cotton thread is available from


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  1. So glad you gave it a good review! I bought 3 huge cones at MQX East too. I also bought Filtec’s new Glide and had tremendous success with it – just quilted a baby quilt with it and I had no breakage, looked great and tension was beautiful!

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