True Confessions … Needle Breakage and More!


This weekend, I was working on a quilt top I’d started more than a year ago. On Saturday, I was determined to get the inner and outer borders sewn on so I could load the quilt on my longarm, then get up on Sunday morning and start quilting. Yes it was an awesome plan.

I was almost finished piecing when my sewing machine needle fell out of the holder and got stuck in the assembly. Here’s what you’re supposed to do: Dig out the needle and throw it away. Then make sure the machine is running properly.

Here’s what I did, after deciding that I was too lazy to walk into the other room to get a new needle: I examined the old needle, didn’t see any bending, and put it back in my machine. Not surprisingly, the needle broke as soon as I started to use it, and the bottom part of the needle got jammed in the assembly.

So, rather than spending 20 seconds to walk into the other room and retrieve a new needle, I now had to dis-assemble my machine AND walk into the other room for a new needle AND then re-assemble my machine. By now most of you will have realized that I didn’t save any time!

I probably need extensive psychotherapy to figure out why I do this sort of thing. I’m very serious about maintaining my car and my longarm. But for some reason I seem to push the envelope with my trusty Janome 6600.


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  1. Been there. Done that, and wanted to kick myself afterwards. I clean my machines after each use but have a problem changing out dull old needles. So find myself going on fishing expositions a little more often that I would like…. think I would learn, but no…. must love the challenge :)

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