Magnify Your Work!


Every time I go to a quilt show and look at that tiny stippling, I feel like my poor eyesight prohibits me from ever winning a ribbon. Seriously — how do these women manage microscopic stitches when I can’t even read the account number on my credit card?

The secret is that they use magnifying glasses.  Yup. It’s that simple. I can’t blame my aging corneas any longer.

I know that some quilters attach a magnifying glass to their longarm machine. I decided to try a different approach with these magnifying glasses. They are wonderful! The fit over my existing glasses and the quality of the lenses is excellent. It takes a bit of time to get used to quilting this way, but I can’t imagine every going back to the squinting method.

I do find that my eyes are more tired after using the magnifying glasses. I have to take more breaks and try to remember to blink.


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