Class Review: “Quilting Efficient” with Angela Walters


Angela Walters with one of her quilts

Angela Walters has been a longarm quilter for 9 years. She has a very popular blog and has just finished her first book.  She also has 3 children under the age of nine. And did I mention she is in her early 30’s?

This class is on quilting efficiently, which is something that Angela has clearly mastered. The focus on this class is to make a detailed, written plan about how to handle all aspects of your business. This includes receiving quilts; storing unquilted tops and their associated bottom fabric and batting; scheduling the quilts; loading the quilt;  planning an efficient and aesthetically pleasing design; unloading the  quilt; billing the customer; and shipping/returning the quilt to the customer. And then there’s making time for business development stuff like blogging and tweeting.

She also spent some of the class talking about efficiently quilting a project. I’ve always been taught to load the long sides of the quilt on the leaders. She had several quilts that she’d loaded the other way — because it enabled her to quilt horizontal designs in a more efficient manner. She also recommended choosing designs that allowed you to travel along the quilt, and to fill in any blocks that you could without retracing your steps

Angela did a great job answering our questions. Several in the class had not yet purchased longarms; others were dealing with some concerns with starting a business. She answered questions about payment (she accepts checks and paypal), building your business, blogging, and sending quilts through the mail.

I think that Angela has a great future as a quilt teacher and would highly recommend her classes. You can learn more about her at


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