Battling My Backyard


I like to think that art is everywhere … including my backyard. We bought our house 5 years ago and one of the main selling features was a fully-wooded backyard. Over the last 5 years, we have had to remove 4 trees that died for various reasons, plus a majestic oak tree that was split in half when struck by lightening. Losing these pine and oak trees is a horrible feeling. My 17-year-old son has still not forgiven us for removing a dead tree that was poised to fall on our house.

Tree removal is expensive. We’ve paid to have the trees cut down and the branches removed, but left the logs (some of them 2 feet in diameter). The plan was that my husband and son would cut the logs into pieces and stack them in the corner of the yard. Many months ago, they actually rented a chain saw and cut up the logs, which left us with chunks of wood throughout the majority of the backyard. It looked terrible. Moreover, it made me sad every time I looked outside.

Yesterday our neighbors were having some branches cut down and I made a deal with the tree company to remove our wood. It was a big job, but I am so happy to have it gone.  I feel like I have my backyard back, and that it’s been returned to its natural state. I am happy to look outside.

(The scattered wood did not bother anyone in the family but me. In fact, my daughter feels it looks too empty now.)

I know that some people equate creativity with a cluttered environment. I feel like I never have the time to clean things up properly. Yet I look at the piles of fabric, books and paper in my sewing/computer room and it makes me unhappy. Somehow, I need to make the time to get things cleaned up and put away. Then I will have the same feeling of calm in my sewing room as I now have with my backyard.

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Back yard after cleanup

Backyard Before Clean-up


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