Friday and Saturday at MQX East


Taking classes is tiring. We longarmers have a very active job. Sitting for a 2-hour class gets tiring. It is VERY tiring for those of us taking 3 or 4 classes every day, even with engaging instructors and relevant topics. I am very sensitive to caffeine and have had a mid-day coffee to try and get a burst of energy. I’ve paid the price at night with trouble sleeping.

I will review my classes and purchases in future blogs. I will say that yesterday”s teachers were all fantastic. I learned a great deal and can’t wait to get home to my longarm!

Here are my classes for today and tomorrow:

E312: “What Does it Take to Win, Place or Show” with Cathy Wiggins

Each quilt show is different and each judge is different. In this lecture Cathy will share how to create a quilt that wins ribbons based on information she has learned over the years of showing quilts. She will use evaluations and feedback forms that she has received to demonstrate how shows vary greatly and how  the industry and expectations have changed over the past five years. Students will see that what is important at one show might not be as important at another and how to average out all of f the feedback to determine what is important and where you can get the most return from your efforts.

I attend a lot of quilt shows. Sometimes I agree with the judges’ opinions and sometimes I wonder what they were thinking. I am looking forward to learning more about how a quilt show is judged, both to enhance my chances of winning (someday!) and to help me look at quilts with a more educated eye.

E342: Blocking 101 with Cathy Wiggins

Description: One of the first things judges look at when judging a quilt is, “Does it lay flat” or “Does it hang straight?” Have no more wavy quilts. Come learn how to make any quilt lay flat, hang straight and look the best it can for judging and hanging in quilt shows.

Since I’ve become a longarmer, I have become obsessed with making sure quilts hang straight. Even in shows, I often see award-winning quilts that are wavy. I know that blocking is an important step in award-winning quilts and am eager to learn more about this process.

E364:”Quilting Efficient” with Angela Walters

Description: When running a machine quilting business, as with any other business, time is money. The goal is to quilt each customer’s quilt the best in the shortest time possible. More completed quilts translates into more money. Learn how to develop a routine to finish quilts in less time with lots of tips an pointers on speeding up the quilting process.

I will overlook the grammar error in the title — which I believe should be “Quilting Efficiently” — with the hope that I can learn some tips. While I enjoy every second of the quilting, I’m not so fond of loading the quilt. Hopefully Angela will have some great ideas to share.

E424: “Quilting Art Quilts” with Cathy Wiggins

Description: Art quilts can be challenging with their complex compositions and their unconventional constructions. Come learn how to enhance landscapes, portraits, pictorials and more. Students will learn how to use the top design as inspiration. Learn how to quilt wood, sky, water, clouds, trees and grass for landscapes. Cathy will show how to use quilting to add dimension to faces and fur to animals. Add movement to flat areas and learn to use quilting to unify the design. And yes, Cathy will cover creative ways to quilt through fusible applique efficiently.

I can’t wait for this class! Art quilts are my most favorite quilting projects! In addition, I have a self-portrait that I’ve been putting off quilting because I’m not sure how. This class was the one that enticed me to MQX this year.

E440: “Practical Guides for a Machine Quilting Business” with Deloa Jones

Description: In this class DeLoa wants to instill in the student the joys of the machine quilting business, the ups and downs, and how to deal with problems. She will cover: dealing with customers; how to fix or quilt some of the problem quilts; batting; and thread. Other services such as  piecing backs, bindings, fixing quilts, pressing, how to set up a work area efficiently, and how to work efficiently. Deloa will explore how to price different kinds of quilting and how to make pricing distinctions.

This class was my second choice for the time slot, after my first class was canceled. However I’ve taken from Deloa before and she is excellent. While I think this is a more introductory class, I think that I can benefit from her wisdom as I continue my journey as a professional machine quilter.

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