Wednesday at MQX East


I made it safely to Rhode Island and have spent the last 14 hours in my room at the Mariott Providence. The hotel is a typical Marriott (as in, quite nice) and the staff very friendly. I was surprised to learn that this convention hotel is actually a mile from the convention center, as part of my justification for staying here was that I didn’t have to pay for parking at the convention center. The hotel is running a 13-person shuttle every 30 minutes. I’m not sure how they expect this to work with a hotel full of quilters, so I decided to drive. A mile walk isn’t bad — except that I am recovering from bronchitis and would be a coughing mess by the time I arrived.

Here are my classes for today:

E100: “New Beginnings” with Dustin Farrell

Description: This class is all about how to make money quilting. We will cover turning a meander into ten money making designs that don’t take any more time than a meander — and you can double your prices. I’ll fill you in on how I charge for quilting.

I’ve taken classes with Dustin Farrell before. There are not many young, tatooed, male quilting teachers out there — so he is very memorable. Dustin is incredibly high energy and a talented freestyle quilter.

E: 146: “Hip to Be Square” with Renae Haddadin

Description: Saggy baggy quilt backs? Quilts turning out warped, with dog-eared corners? Do you constantly struggle with tucks on the backs of your quilts? If so, this is the class for you. Renae will teach you how to get your frame quilting machine set up properly, quickly and easily, to eliminate some of these issues. She will load a quilt and teach you how to keep it square as you work through it, regardless of what brand of quilting frame you use.

I took several classes from Renae at the Utah Machine Quilters show last year. She is an A1 dealer, a talented quilter, and a great teacher. I have actually taken this class from her before, but I was much more of a novice. While my quilts are pretty square, there are always tricks you can learn from an expert. I hope to be even “more square” at the end of this class.

The show will be open at 6:30 PM for those of us with classes.  You can find out more information on MQX at


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