Adventures with MQX East


This morning I’m scheduled to leave for MQX. As I’ve said many times, this is my favorite quilt show. I’m excited to have a quilt on display and I am looking forward to my classes.

As often happens, things haven’t been very smooth the last day or so. I live in Manorville, on the east end of Long Island. Yesterday a huge brush fire erupted a few miles from my house. The fire started at 2:30 PM. By late afternoon, 2000+ acres had been burned and 109 fire stations were helping to fight the fire.  Some of my town was evacuated last night. As of this morning, the current fire is less than 2 miles from my home. Fortunately, the Long Island Expressway lies between the fire and my home — and my prayer is that the LIE will be enough of a fire barrier that we are not impacted. Still, my husband is working from home today in case anything happens.  The big questions are the wind and the weather. Whew! Not the beginning I wanted to my quilting trip, as I worry about the safety of my home and family.

To celebrate MQX, I wanted to share an interview with Janet-Lee Santousanio, who is one of the event’s co-founders. Enjoy!

Although my hotel has WIFI, I’ve learned that its presence does not always equal an internet connection. I’ll be sharing with you each day’s classes. Over the next few weeks, I’ll write about my adventures in each class.


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