Thursday at MQX East


My apologies to my subscribers … part of this post got sent to you in error on Sunday. I guess it doesn’t pay to try and be organized and get blog posts started ahead of time!

Today is my 2nd day at MQX. My classes yesterday were excellent (I will review them after I get home). I had a few hours between my last class (2:00 PM) and the show opening (6:30 PM) so I found the adjacent mall and did a bit of shopping, then killed 2 hours by seeing the “Mirror Mirror” movie with Julia Roberts.

As usual, the quilts are amazing. (No surprise; no ribbon for me!) There seemed to be fewer quilts than previous years (not sure if I’m remembering correctly) and there were definitely far fewer vendors. The batting manufacturers were missing. So was KingsMen quilters, where I buy my Signature thread. The show is open until 8:00 PM tonight. I will check out the quilts more closely and also visit the vendors.

My classes today are:

E204: “Digital Quilt Photography” with Jeffrey Lomicka

Description: Jeffrey will explain digital camera techniques to enhance photos of quilts taken in the studio, at home, and at shows.

Anyone who is familiar with my blog knows that my photos are … um … less than stellar. I’m hoping this class will help me to improve the quality of my quilt photos, as well as to inspire me to get a gallery of my work added to my website.

E 252: “Running with Scissors and Other Cutting Machines” with Patti Buhler

Description: Would a Quiltcut 2 make cutting easier? What’s the difference between an Accuquilt GO and a Sizzl? Could applique be cut with a Cricut or Slice? Find out which tools work best for which job — rotary, pressure, or electronic.

I actually purchased an Accuquilt and then returned it to the store because I thought it was too cumbersome for every day use. I was also concerned about copyright issues, as I heard people saying that the templates were copyrighted and could not be used on quilts for sale (this policy has apparently changed). Patti Buhler contributes to one of my machine quilting lists. When she mentioned she was doing this seminar, I immediately signed up. I have lots of questions and am looking forward to her perspective on cutting machines.

E260: “Solving Tension Headaches” with Dawn Cavanaugh

Description: As a machine quilter, “tension headache” has a double meaning. Dawn uses her 17 years of experience to expose the mystery behind thread tension, including why it can be imbalanced, but most importantly how to fix it! Different thread types and combinations are discussed.

I don’t think I need to explain why I took this class. You can never know enough about tension! I have achieved very stable tension with a combination of Signature thread on top and SuperBob’s pre-wound bobbins (from Superior Threads) on the bottom. As solving tension problems seems more of an art than a science, I am always willing to learn more.

You can find out more about MQX at


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