Review: Ta-Da Triangles


Ta-Da Triangles (printed on interfacing)

At a recent quilt show, I couldn’t resist the $6.99 combo pack of Ta-Da triangles. This system of half-square triangles uses a series of solid and dotted lines, printed on interfacing. This interfacing gets fused to the wrong of one fabric. A second fabric is chosen, and placed with it’s right side together with the right side of the fused fabric.

The next step is to sew on all of the dotted line. When you’re finished, use the rotary cutter and cut along the solid lines. You now have a perfect half-square triangle. Press and trim off dog ears.

This method was easy to use. I liked that the fused fabric acted as both a guide and a stabilizer. No need to remove paper from tiny 1″ triangles! The interfacing will stabilize that bias edge and make piecing more exact. I also liked that I wasn’t using paper and didn’t feel like I was dulling the needle.

I had trouble staying on the lines. I realize that this is just a matter of skill-building. I’m not sure why I can sew a straight  1/4″ seam without a problem, yet cannot manage to navigate a straight line very well when it’s on a sheet. This certainly impacts the  quality of the half-square triangles. It is also somewhat annoying to stop-and-start sewing every couple of lines (compared to Triangulations which is a one-shot pass around the whole piece of paper).

I would recommend using a contrasting thread. I used white thread on white interfacing. I could not figure out where I’d sewn without turning over the fabric and looking at the bottom piece.

You are left with dog-ears on the corners of the square.

Perfect squares need dog ears trimmed!

The major downside of Ta-Da triangles is that it’s available only in 1/4″ increments. You’re out of luck if you want to make a 7/16″ triangle … unless you want to trim it down!

I would definitely use this product if I was making a miniature quilt or needed a lot of small half-square triangles.

This product is available from You can also see a demonstration of how to use this product.


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