Sending My “Babies” Into the World


Since my high school senior son is leaving home in ten weeks, I know a little bit about sending my “baby” out into the world. It is a very weird feeling to realize my official mothering duties are almost over. He’s made it through 8 years of homeschooling. He’s learned to drive and is holding down a job. He’s got friends and a whole bucket load of interests. He earned a fabulous scholarship and is ready for a new stage in life at a university in upstate New York.

So, amidst the trauma of counting down the last few weeks with my son — before his bedroom gets changed into a guestroom — I also had to send two quilts to MQX. It was hard! There have been so many recent reports of stolen and lost quilts that I was afraid to trust UPS. However both quilts arrived safely, and I will get to see them on display in a week or so. (One is for judging, and is shown below; the other is for an exhibit and I forgot to take a photo.)

This is my first national quilt show. I’m nervous. I wonder what the judges will say. Will they notice the imperfections? Will I overhear negative comments? What if people hate them? It’s time for a deep breath … I’ve admired the quilts at MQX for the last two years — and am honored that my quilts will have a place in the show. It is exciting and I am ready.

When we take risks, we are always richer for the experience. That holds true if you’re 18 and heading to college, or 50-something and entering a national quilt show for the first time. We can’t let our fear keep us from stepping out into the world.

(If you can’t see the photo, please go directly to my blog at

"Remembrance" is my MQX quilt entry


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  1. I love this quilt Sue and I’m thrilled for you that it was accepted! I think it will win something…it is truly inspiring. As for your son..this is what “mothering” culminates…a son (in my case…a daughter) that is READY to take on the challenges of the outside world…with confidence and poise. Congratulations on both Son and Quilt.

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