Mother Knows Best: Craft Gloves


A few weeks ago, I posted that I’d hurt my hands while I was quilting. Somehow I managed to strain my thumb while I was pinching fabric as I ripped out a quilt. My  mom, a long-time quilter, recommended quilting gloves. I found some at Joann’s and have been very impressed. They are comfortable and provide enough support to help me avoid injury.

A few days later, I was explaining to my nail tech how I’d injured my thumb. She discussed how she was in agony every night. Apparently she spent her days holding clients’ fingers steady by pinching their fingers between her thumb and index finger. She had an overuse injury similar to mine, except that her pain was several years old. I passed on the idea of craft gloves.

Surprisingly, she had a glove in her drawer and had never used it. She agreed to try it for the day. Two weeks later, I returned for a manicure and she was still wearing the glove. The first day, she noticed an amazing decrease in pain and had been wearing the glove ever since. She was ecstatic to have found such a simple solution.

These gloves seem to be widely available. The gloves I purchased seem to have been discontinued, however the ones shown below are similar.


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  1. Hi Sue, your blogs are always so informative! What a great tip about the craft gloves…thanks.
    Any chance I can tag along with you to go to quilt show one day?

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