Special Delivery: Some Online Orders Take Longer Than Others


Recently I’ve been in fabric ordering mode. There was a particular line that I wanted and it was not fully in stock at any of the vendors I deal with. As a result, I ended up placing orders at Webfabrics, Hancocks of  Paducah, and eQuilter. All of the orders were placed late afternoon on Sunday, March 18th.

On Wednesday, I received the order from Webfabrics! It was complete and correct. Kudos to Webfabrics.net. Three days from order to delivery is awesome, especially given that I ordered on a weekend. Their store is located in Virginia and I’m on Long Island, NY.


The next order to arrive was from eQuilter. That order was confirmed on Monday, March 19 and mailed the following day. Given that eQuilter is located in Colorado, that was reasonable turnaround.


The Hancocks’ fabric arrived on Saturday.  Their store is located in Kentucky. Basically, I was ecstatic to have received all three orders within a week.


Fabric.com always offers wonderful service. I placed an order on Friday, March 23rd and it is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, March 27th. Their orders are almost always sent same-day and arrive within three days. They are the only vendor listed here that offer free delivery if you spend $35 or more.


I didn’t have such luck with Virginia Quilter. I placed an order on Monday, March 5th and ordered six kinds of Moda bias binding. They contacted me on Thursday, March 8th to say that they had discontinued one of the bindings and could only send half of the amount I ordered. The order was finally shipped out on Monday, March 12 — a full week after I placed the order — and they again contacted me to say they were missing half of the black binding I’d ordered. Their order arrived (incomplete) on March 14th.  I did receive the additional black binding a few days later. Needless to say, I’m looking for another source of Moda binding.


Although many people are hesitant about online shopping, it is sometimes our only alternative. Our local quilt stores, although wonderful, cannot afford to carry the large variety of fabric available online. The only problem I’ve ever had with online shopping is waiting for delivery, and I am constantly fine-tuning my list of vendors to only include those who provide great service.


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