Toy Story T-shirt Quilt


These T-shirts were purchased at the Disney Store. I knew they’d make a cute quilt for any child who is obsessed with Toy Story. The star fabric background was perfect for the space theme. For contrast, I used a lime green flannel backing and a lime green binding. I also used lime green for the quilting.

I’d partially pieced this quilt top and then set it aside. Last week I pulled it out, sewed the pieces together, and proceeded to quilt it. In my burst of efficiency, I’d forgotten that I was going to trim the squares and piece then at 45 degree angles. Shoot! Maybe I should make notes on my UFO’s so I don’t forget my plans!

As a result, there is too much space in between the T-shirts. Even if I didn’t show the T-shirts at an angle, I should have trimmed the inner sashing.

It’s still a cute quilt. Unfortunately — as I said — the design could have been better! However quilting is a learning process and I’m sure I won’t make this mistake again.

(If you can’t see the photos, please check my blog at

Toy Story T-shirt Quilt

"Woody" T-shirt

"Buzz Lightyear" T-shirt


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