AQS Lancaster — Show Review


If you wanted to see wonderful quilts, the AQS Lancaster show was not disappointing. I am in awe of the talent and creativity of these quiltmakers. The quilts were well displayed and inspiring. You can see the winning quilts on the AQS website (scroll part way down page).

AQS also had a wonderful website with great information on shopping and tourist attractions of interest to quilters. I can see where out-of-town visitors would have had lots to see and do. To top it off, the weather was gorgeous.

I have made several trips to Lancaster and it is usually cold at this time of year. This year, you could see the Amish and Mennonite people plowing with their horses, and the women tending garden wearing their long skirts. As usual, there was laundry drying on the clothes-lines, something that you don’t see much anymore. Although I enjoy seeing people with their horse-drawn carts, I am always nervous sharing the roads with them. Roads are 2-lanes and hilly, and you are making constant decisions about whether to slow down and stay behind a buggy or to pass it. But it’s part of the Lancaster experience.

I will admit there were a few annoyances at the show. Some were the fault of AQS; some were the fault of the venue.

1. Parking lot confusion. There were signs in the parking garage that read: “Take ticket with you. Pay before you go to your car.” Several of us were walking around with tickets, trying to figure out where and how to pay. According to the parking garage attendant, these signs had been there for awhile and were wrong. You paid, from  your car, as you drove off the lot.

2. Elevator out of service. Seriously. One of the two elevators was not working. There is no escalator between the main floor and the 2nd floor. (Quilts were on all three floors.) Needless to say, there was a long wait for elevators.

3. Restrooms on the second floor don’t lock. I took classes at the show in 2010. At that point, the 2nd floor restroom stalls had lovely long doors so you couldn’t see under them. Yes, the privacy was nice, but many of them didn’t lock. Guess what? The doors still don’t lock, so you’re barging in on women in the stalls. Sometime in the last two years, I would have thought maintenance could have made a trip to Home Depot and bought a few locks to fix the problem.

4. Show booklets are $1.00. Really? I don’t know of any other show that charges for show booklets.

5. Additional vendors? If things hadn’t changed since 2010, there was another large building containing vendors. It was a drive away. I could find no reference to these vendors. (Perhaps I should have bought the program book!) I’m not sure if they still existed or not.


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