A Hotel You Want to Commit Suicide In … and Other Adventures on the Way to AQS Lancaster


I’ve been wanting to go to the Lancaster Quilt Show. However I had an evening appointment on Friday night (gotta get those nails done!) and the show closed at 5:00 PM on Saturday. With travel time from Long Island, it potentially gave me very little time to see the show. In addition, I like to shop while I’m in Lancaster, and everything is closed on Sunday. So I couldn’t figure out a way to make the trip worthwhile.

I was thrilled that a nail appointment opened up on Thursday and made quick plans for a trip to Lancaster. The GPS said it was a 4.5 hour drive from my home in Long Island. I planned to leave Friday at 8:30 AM, be at the show by 1:00 PM, and then spend a few hours on Saturday shopping before I headed home. A quick and fun trip, right?

Well … my 4.5 hour trip took 7 hours. Despite my efforts to force my GPS south of NYC, it was determined to have me drive through Brooklyn, across the Williamsburg Bridge, through the Holland Tunnel, and along most of the turnpikes in New Jersey. I was very stressed and behind schedule.

About 2:00 PM, I realized that it was ridiculous to arrive at the show after 3:00 PM. I decided to visit my two favorite stores. I’d arrive at the show when it opened the following day and all would be wonderful.

The first store I visited (about 30 minutes off my current course) was Hayloft Fabrics in Morgantown. I’d looked up the address the day before on the Internet. There were a lot of hits, and I hadn’t realized that their website no longer existed. So I was shocked that their was no evidence of the store anymore. The other two tenants in the mall had changed as well. The supermarket was now a discount food store. And their formerly lovely gift shop was a thrift store.

The second store on my list was Burkholder’s Fabrics. I love this store. They have an incredible selection, great prices, and complete lines of many blender fabrics, as well as Stonehenge. I’ve been known to spend a few hours there. I arrive at their parking lot and there were 3 buses of women in the store. I’m guessing there were close to 100 people in line — in a very small space — to pay. I walked through the aisles but there were no carts for fabric and I wasn’t willing to wait in line. I left without purchasing anything. (I also realized that I don’t want to take a bus tour to fabric stores … too many people!)


So by now it was 3:30 and I decided to go to my motel. Yes, it was cheap — but it was still $60 plus tax. I’m sure it was built in the 1960’s and had not been updated since. The beds had seen better days and the wallpaper was peeling off the walls. The toilet eventually flushed and the sink eventually drained … but I was not impressed. It was very depressing. As I lay on the bed, I had the thought: This is the kind of hotel where people go to commit suicide.

I ended up going to Friendly’s for dinner. I sat beside a family that had five children under the age of 5 (including one set of twins). Not exactly relaxing, but I felt better once I’d eaten something. I spent the evening reading in the hotel room.

Peeling WallpaperBathroom, View #1Bathroom from the 60's -- Another View


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  1. Should I ever feel the need to kill myself I’m staying in the nicest hotel possible – only the best for me!

    Just kidding.

    I LOVE your blog, Sue!!!!

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