Happy National Quilting Day!


Tomorrow there will be lots of parades featuring shamrocks and leprechauns.  There will be much drinking and partying at many of the nation’s bars and restaurants. Why? Because tomorrow is  National Quilting Day in America!

National Quilting Day began 22 years ago with a resolution by the American Quilter’s Society.  Many guilds around the country — including the Peconic Guild on Long Island — use it as a charity quilt workday. This is not surprising, because quilters are exceedingly generous with their donations to hospitals, homeless shelters and verteran’s organizations.

I will be celebrating in a big way! I made a decision last night to attend the American Quilter’s Society show in Lancaster, PA. This show is in the middle of Amish country and always feels like the heartland of America’s quilters. Of course I’ll likely support the quilting industry with a few purchases in their vendor mall and at the wonderful quilt stores in the Lancaster area.

Although many of us contribute to the world through charity quilting, I think quilting has a bigger purpose. One of my teachers said, “Quilting has gotten me through the best and the worst times in my life.” For me, quilting is therapeutic and grounding. The quilting process is very meditative. My work contributes joy and beauty to the world. Quilting is also a statement to my family (where my two teens think the world revolves around them) that my interests are important and I deserve time to create. I think that all women need some sort of passion — quilting or not — in their lives to be fully happy human beings.

The following link provides info on National Quilting Day, as well as some suggestions on how to celebrate. Enjoy!



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  1. This post brings up some very good points, but I’d like to add that your comment “women need some sort of passion…in their lives to be fully happy human beings” A man doesn’t count! Because if you weren’t happy without him, you’ll never… Anyway. I needed an excuse to sew tomorrow, thanks for giving me one.

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