Adventures with Minky


Minky fabric is an ultrasoft, somewhat stretchy fabric that is most often used in baby quilts. The kind I used had raised dots to add texture.

I had never used Minky on the longarm machine, although I know a lot of people who use it regularly. My preference for baby quilts is usually flannel.

The minky is easy to load. I did not notice a problem with it stretching. Overall, it quilted very well. The only issue was that — everyone once in a while — I would feel like my machine was sewing through mud. I think that the needle would catch inside the dot and pull differently. I wish I could describe what was happening, but the result was a “pulling through mud” feeling. Then, just as suddenly, the machine would right itself and the quilting became easy again.

I also learned that binding with Minky fabric is far more difficult than with cotton or flannel. The raise dots are thick to go through with your needle, making binding far harder on your hands.

Would I use minky again? Possibly, if a client really wanted me to. It was super easy to adjust the tension and the results are wonderful, but my machine wasn’t happy with it.


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