Inspiration: A Trip to the Garden Center


Long Island is fortunate to have a wonderful nursery located in Westbury, New York. Throughout the year, Hicks Nursery has many events and festivals. Their spring garden festival is amazing. Best of all, they invite local photography clubs into their facility to practice their macro photography skills. My teenage daughter is a member of one of these photography clubs, and I went along as chauffeur and amateur photographer.

I thoroughly enjoy these photography field trips. Many of these photographers have a huge investment in cameras and lenses (I guess it’s the “photographer’s stash” and are exceedingly careful in setting up the right shots. I, on the other hand, run around the facility with my point-and-shoot camera. I’m looking for texture and inspiration for my quilts. 235 photos later, I left giddy with happiness and inspiration.

Here are a few of my photos. A big thank you to Hicks Nursery for generously allowing us to photograph there.

(If you cannot see my photos, please visit my blog at

Front Entrance at Hicks Nursery, Westbury NY


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