“I Love New York” T-shirt Quilt


Here’s a quilt to commemorate a fabulous weekend in New York City.

I was originally going to quilt this using invisible thread. As I said yesterday, this thread can be fickle. Despite using it in a previous T-shirt quilt earlier that day, I could not get the tension adjusted perfectly. That left me with the challenge of choosing a thread color. I decided to use purple — it blended in with the background and provided a nice contrast to 5 of the 6 T-shirt panels. My other option was to use a color that contrasted all of the T-shirts, such as lime green or bright pink.

I quilted the blocks using simple meandering and did loops in the sashing.

The fabric is called “Times Square” and is available at City Quilter in New York City.


(If you cannot see the photographs, please check out my blog at quiltnotes.wordpress.com.)

"I Love New York" T-shirt quilt

"I Love New York" quilt block


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