Better Quilt Binding Clips


I’ve always secured my quilt binding with straight pins. It may not be the ideal method, as your thread catches on the pins and it requires constant measuring (or eyeballing) to make sure that your binding is even. A few of my quilting friends use hair clips from the dollar store, but that never seemed to be a great solution either.

Last week I was at New Jersey Quilt Fest VIII and attended a lecture on new notions. The vendor said that these Clover Wonder Clips were currently Clover’s best selling item. I had to give them a try.

Well, quilting friends, I’m here to say that they are awesome. They are small, sturdy and quick to use. They stay in place. Best of all, they have markings so that you can make sure that the width of your binding stays even. The clips retail for about $30 for 50 clips (cheaper on amazon) and also sell in smaller packages.

Clover Wonder Clips

Clover Wonder Clips












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