Superior Threads Thread Stand Review


When I started buying thread in cones, I needed to buy a thread holder. My first purchase was the Dritz thread holder at Joann’s. These are plastic, not sturdy, and do not hold your cone in place. Do not waste your money.

Superior Threads sells 2 kinds of thread stands. The first is a metal thread stand that retails for $12.95. The second (and newest) thread stand is acrylic and retails for $24.95. I received the acrylic stand — called the Superior Thread Holder — yesterday and I love it. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both stands:



1. Cheaper (almost half price of the other stand).

2. Easily comes apart for transporting.

3. Easy to assemble and very easy to thread cones through the top of the stand.

4. Nice and heavy compared to the cheap, plastic (useless) stands I’ve bought previously.


1. The center spool pin is not well-secured. I have three of these stands and this spool pin never screwed in properly.

2. When you take the stand apart (say to attend a class), it is VERY easy to lose the center spool pin. I lost the most recent one last weekend.

3. Can only be used vertically.



1. Sturdy, one-piece construction that makes it easy to take to class.

2. Easily adaptable to regular size spools, using attachments provided in the package.

3. Because it’s one-piece, there is nothing to get lost (well, except the attachments).

4. Can be used vertically or horizontally.


1. It’s a little harder to thread. The thread has to go through a small eye at the top of the stand. (The video suggests holding the thread holder horizontally or using a dental floss threader to solve these problems.)

2. More expensive than the other spool holders.

To view both products, go to :

To view a demo of the Superior Thread Holder (acrylic holder), go to If you purchase the thread holder, I highly recommend watching the demo.

My recommendation is to get the new Superior Thread Holder. The advertising says it’s a revolutionary product, and I think they are correct.


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