Quilt Fest of New Jersey VIII


Today I ventured from Long Island to Somerset, NJ for the Mancuso Quilt Show. It was a non-leisurely 3 hour drive!

This is my third year attending the show. I’m at the point in my quilting career where I don’t need more fabric, kits or notions, so I did not spend a lot of money. However I did walk through the vendors — twice!  I bought two Deb Tucker rulers and some fabric for borders and sashing. I’ll share my purchases in future posts.

My favorite quilt was the “The Wrath of Poseidon” by Marilyn Belford. This quilt, deservedly, won Best of Show. You can learn more about Marilyn at http://www.marilynbelford.com/content/about/

It turned out that there were several mermaid and sea-themed quilts in the show. You can see the winners at the end of the post.

I highly recommend attending quilt shows. They are great sources of inspiration for quilt color, design and quilting. They also show a standard of quilting that makes me yearn to be better. Today I focused on the micro-stippling on some of the quilts. This micro-stippling requires tiny needles and thin threads, not to mention amazing control of the longarm machine. I wonder if I’ll ever have that much control.

Don’t let the experience end after you leave. I always take plenty of photos for future reference and inspiration.

Enjoy these winners:



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