Quilting Inspiration is Everywhere


My kids always make fun of me because I see everything in terms of quilting. This “skill” is not limited to the visual world. I also give advice using quilting metaphors and examples.  I think this is part of the reason why my 17-year-old son completely ignores everything I say.

So my see-quilting-in-everything  worldview leads to today’s topic … where do we find inspiration for our quilts? The answer is — everywhere! Of course there are the usual answers like “in nature” or “by attending quilt shows.” However I find that, if I keep my eyes open, inspiration comes from the oddest places.

Yesterday I spent 2 hours in an exam room with my teenage daughter. Much of that time was spent waiting and there wasn’t a lot to do (big surprise there) so I was intently studying the room. The more I studied; the more excited I became. This room was the perfect color palette for a quilt. The walls were a robin’s egg blue. The trim was cream. It was very soothing. The floor tiles were even arranged in a staggered pattern that was very quilt-like.

To top it off, the privacy curtain had great accent colors. And of course I had to take pictures of everything. (Another quilting tip … keep a digital camera in your purse for recording inspiration!)

By the way, I didn’t mention to my son that I have now resorted to taking photographs of exam rooms.

(If you have trouble viewing these photos, please visit my blog at quiltnotes.wordpress.com)

Curtain for accent colors

My Exam Room Inspiration


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