Fishing Tshirt Quilt


I have to say that I really like this quilt. It’s very simple, but everything comes together. The batik sashing and borders looks like water, plus they pick up both the blues and browns of the Tshirts. (Once again I’ll mention that choosing sashing for Tshirt quilts is best done at your local quilt shop. It is a tough process and I haven’t had any success trying to accomplish this online.)

I quilted the sashing/borders in a water-like meander. The quilting barely shows, but it does read more like water. I used a more complicated fill in the Tshirts.

It’s always tough to choose a thread color in a quilt like this. Blue and brown are the obvious choices, but blue thread wouldn’t look great on the brown Tshirts and vice versa. In this case, I recommend changing thread colors. I used blue on the blue Tshirts (and throughout the rest of the quilt) and brown on the brown Tshirts. Most longarmers will charge a nominal fee for thread changes ($5.00 or less). I feel that it’s worth it.

The back of the quilt is a mottled blue flannel, reminiscent of water. The overall effect is soft and soothing. This is a great quilt for a male outdoorsman.

(Please check my blog at if there’s a problem with the photos.)

Fishing Tshirt Quilt

Close up of quilting


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