My quilting injury


It’s okay. You can keep reading. This injury does not involve a rotary cutter or blood of any sort.

As I was working on the computer yesterday, the base of my left thumb was becoming increasingly more painful. For the first few hours I ignored it; finally it was painful enough to warrant a break and some ice. Since I’m over 50, I’m used to body parts hurting spontaneously, but this was really annoying. I put on a hand brace and wondered what the heck I could have done.

Tonight I sat down to continue ripping out my Shadow Star quilting. I realized that I’m using my left thumb to bunch up and hold the fabric. Do that over and over again for a couple of hours, and it completely explains my thumb strain and pain.

Hopefully this will resolve itself soon. Quilting is clearly not a hobby for the faint of heart!

Speaking of hearts … Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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