Book Review: “Craft Business Heroes: 30 Creative Entrepreneurs Share the Secrets of Their Success”


I’m always interested in reading about the success of entrepreneurs, and it was a treat to read the stories of individuals who’d done well selling jewelry, paper goods, housewares , sewing and fashion goods. Most of the entrepreneurs were located in the U.S. and the U.K. Their stories were told using a Question and Answer format that was very easy to read. Entrepreneurs ranged from solos and partners, to companies employing 90 people. (There were no quilters profiled.)

The takeaway from this book is that there is no formula for success. Some of these peoples had detailed business plans; others just fell into their fields. Some raved about trade shows; others had bad trade show experiences or simply did not want to do them. Some hired reps to sell their work; others preferred to do this on their own. Some loved craft shows; others sold solely through the internet. Some had large studios; others worked off of their dining room table. You get the idea.

This book also opened my eyes to the problem of copyright infringement. Many of the entrepreneurs had experienced this problem. Some chose to take expensive legal action, while others ignored it.

This isn’t a book that you read with a paper and pen, jotting down all of the “ah ha” moments that you can apply to your business. But it was interesting, well-done and inspirational. I really liked the detail of the interviews and how the crafter’s managed their business and home lives. Websites were included so that you can look up the crafter and their wares.


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