Toddler GIrl’s Tshirt Quilt


Isn’t this adorable? It’s made of four small, girl’s Tshirts. Since I needed some extra squares so that the Tshirt would be larger than a napkin, I made alternate squares from the backs of the Tshirt.

This quilt gave me some grief. First of all, it’s hard to unify colors as diverse as  fuschsia, turquoise, orange and brown.  I was lucky to find a floral pattern that picked up all of these colors.

Another issue was how to fill the empty squares. I tried making appliqued flowers out of the floral sashing fabric, but it was way too busy and did nothing to enhance the quilt. Finally I decided to make the faux trapunto hearts, and I think it worked out quite nicely.

My final challenge was thread color. I settled on a medium green that contrasted slightly from all of the colors, but managed to recede into the floral background. The back is bright pink flannel.

Overall, I think it’s a very cute girl’s quilt and I’m pleased with the results.

(If the photos didn’t come out properly, please visit my blog at


Toddler Girls Tshirt Quilt


Faux Trapunto





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