“I Love New York” Quilt


I am enjoying making T-shirt quilts. Here’s one using some souvenir T-shirts from a trip to New York. The background fabric is called “Times Square” and is available at City Quilter in New York City (or online).


Personally, I love how the background fabric recedes, but also picks up the colors and energy of New York City.

As I mentioned with my last T-shirt quilt, my daughter and I have an ongoing argument over how T-shirt quilts should look. She favors a plain background. After discussing the matter with a quilting friend (thanks Vicki!), we concluded that it’s all about balance. Plain T-shirts most likely do better with a novelty print, whereas T-shirts with lots of color or complex patterns need more simple fabric for their sashing and borders.

In my opinion, the sashing and borders for T-shirt quilts need to be auditioned in a quilt store. You need access to many bolts of material and to be able to lay your T-shirt squares directly on the fabric. I tried buying fabric online for two quilts and, both times, it did not work in the quilt.

(If you can’t see the photo, please check out my blog at quiltnotes.wordpress.com).

"I Love New York" Quilt


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