Bias Binding


I’m not very fond of making binding. By the time I’m ready to bind the quilt, I want  to have it done and over with. Cutting, joining and pressing 2.25″ strips is time-consuming.

I seldom make bias binding. It’s not hard, but it really chews through the fabric when you’re cutting at a 45 degree angle. Bias binding is necessary for any kind of curved edges, but it also wears a whole lot better, so it’s the ideal choice for most quilts. If you’ve never made bias binding, here’s how:

Thankfully, Moda has another solution — pre-made bias binding. I bought some of this at The City Quilter a few days ago. What a fabulous product! It retails somewhere between $1.50 and $1.75 per yard. It comes pre-folded and in a large variety of Moda marbles colors. Although there’s no way I can figure out that this is a cost-effective way to buy binding, it saves a tremendous amount of time and makes quilting more enjoyable. So I rank it right up there with the rotary cutter and acrylic templates in its contribution to quilting!

Moda pre-made bias binding is available from Virginia Quilter (and other stores).


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