Trip to Parson-Meares costume design shop in NYC (Part 2)


I was very surprised at the lack of technology at this costume shop. I watch Project Runway and they’re using tablets for design. We quilters use EQ. So it was interesting that their patterns were made with brown paper and fitted on mannequins. The sewing machines (industrial Singers) were 25 years old, but looked like they could have been from the turn of the last century. The space was busy with activity and cluttered. We saw people beading, sewing, serging, appliquing, painting and dying, I have to say … these costume designers are artists!

(I’m still have issues with my photos in emails. Please visit my blog at if you can’t view the photos).

A view of the workroom

Singer Sewing Machine

Employee Working at Serger

An art quilter (like me) found heaven in their painting and dying room. The work that these ladies do on fabric is exquisite. I’d say most of their fabrics are dyed and painted. Applique and trapunto are then added to many costumes.

Samples of Dyed Fabric

Close-up view of dyed, painted and appliqued fabric

Almost Complete Costume



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