Lesson for Today: Use Contrasting Threads!


I’ve been enjoying quilting Sandy Gervais’ panels. They are colorful and fun, and quilting adds some more whimsy to her designs. So I was excited to tackle the “Pumpkins Gone Wild” panel. I also wanted to perfect my paisley fills, so decided to use that as the background fill.

Here’s my advice — use a color that you can actually see! First of all, it was hard to tell where my design was as I was quilting. This means more neck strain and a less perfect result. However — most disappointing — you cannot see the quilting on the finished panel. That’s a couple of hours of work for absolutely no gain.

While I’m not a fan of variegated thread, generally, I think that this would have been the perfect use of it. Or at least a brown that was lighter in color and would have added depth to the marbled background. Oh well. Quilting is a learning process and I’m now adding “Do not match thread EXACTLY to background to my list” of things learned in 2012.

"Pumpkins Gone Wild" panel by Sandy Gervais

Quilted "Pumpkins Gone Wild" panel

Can you see why I needed a more visible thread?


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