Happy Holidays!


It’s my last day before Christmas vacation and I’d love to say I was decking the halls, quilting last minute gifts, and/or packing for a cruise. Nope. I’m sitting at my desk with a bankers’ box of receipts and a spanking new copy of Quickbooks. I spent all day yesterday setting up my accounts and starting to enter the pile of receipts. I figure I have about 40 hours of work ahead of me. That’s what happens when you do nothing for two years and then have to get ready for your accountant. Clearly one of my big plans for the next two weeks is to transform this overflowing box into an IRS-approved accounting dream. Scrooge would be proud of me.

Also on my “to do” list are 29 other items, none of which are Christmas related. Among these are working on some show quilts for 2012 and taking some decent photographs so I can post a gallery on my blog and website. Of course #8 on the list is figuring out how to post a gallery on my blog and website. You get the idea.

My goals for this Christmas vacation remind me of someone who had similar goals for her 3 month maternity leave. She couldn’t imagine 12 weeks with “nothing” to do and planned, among other things, to learn another language. Of course taking care of the baby took 100% of her time and she accomplished nothing on her list. But I still think it’s good to have goals.

Already my day’s plans will need to be modified due to a dog who spent the night with diarrhea and vomiting. This week also brings a big party for my son’s friends, Christmas with our family, and my son’s road test on Dec. 30th — just in time to drive alone on New Year’s eve.

Have a happy, safe, wonderful, productive holiday! I’ll be back in touch on January 3rd.


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