A Quilted Christmas Tree Gift


I have a friend whose had a rough year. She has many health conditions, is currently unable to work, and is facing surgery next week. To top off the misery, her room-mate is having back problems. For all those reasons, they decided not to put up a Christmas tree this year.

I saw this panel and loved it. Since she has many quilt hangers, I knew it would be no trouble to replace a non-Christmas quilt and still have a tree this year. To make the gift more special, I used pre-cut gold stars, added a wish to each with sharpie (such as “good health” and “financial security”), and placed the wishes under the tree. I also gave her some blank stars so she could add her own wishes. Since these were hardly works of art, I just hand-basted them lightly to hold them in place. She really appreciated the thoughtfulness, the tree, and the idea of having her wishes for the next year displayed.

I must say that my friend is a very good quilter. I think this is sometimes intimidating for us … we don’t want to give gifts to people who can see our mistakes! I have to say that I did not give this idea any consideration! When gifts are given with love, people (even quilters), do not judge. I don’t feel that perfection plays any role when we are giving from the heart.

As for perfection … this piece was not! I used mono-poly thread and learned several lessons. I quilted feathers in the border and it was a nightmare — no marking implements would show up on the shiny fabric, so I was doing my feathers free-hand. Then, again due to the shiny border and the invisible thread, I couldn’t see where I’d sewn. Mono-poly is horrendous to rip out, so I just kept going and chalked it up to experience. There is quilting in the leaves, the ornaments, the garland and the pot — as well as the background. It does have a nice texture in person, but doesn’t show up much on photographs.

"Home for the Holidays" panel by Northcott


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  1. I think you’re really onto something with these panels. I love the depth and detail you quilting added,great job. I’d say my favorite is the way you did the ornaments, but the brickwork, reindeer detailing, swirling wind, and the snow really pull everything together. Oh what fun!

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