“Awesome” Squirrel Panel by Sandy Gervais


I am having so much fun quilting panels. This particular panel was very plain — and is now a beautiful wall hanging. I added texture to the trees by using small circles to enhance the existing colors. I followed the lines from the overlapping background pattern, which added a great deal of texture. I added fur to the squirrel, enhanced his vest, and added cross-hatching to his tail. (At this point, I must admit, I had decided that the squirrel was a beaver. Oops! I’ll blame my Canadian heritage, which makes any rodent look like a beaver!)

The pumpkin and the tree also got additional texture. Finally, I added swirls to the white background.

All quilting was done with the same color of variegated thread — a mixture of orange and browns.

For new longarmers, quilting panels is a fabulous way to practice skills. It is quick and very fun. It also trains your eye as to how you can enhance a project with quilting.

I forgot to take a “before” picture of the panel, but I found one on etsy. From what I could tell doing an internet search, this is no longer available.


"Awesome" panel by Sandy Gervais


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