A Perfect Party for Quilters


I’m in a small group (14 people) that stays in contact primarily be email. We occasionally see each other at quilt shop classes and retreats, but mostly we post online. I love seeing photos of everybody’s projects. We have a diverse group whose projects include traditional quilts, art quilts, pocketbooks, aprons and cosmetic bags.

Yesterday we got together for our first annual Christmas party. It was such a nice afternoon. Everybody brought food to share, show and tell items, and a present for the gift exchange (under $20). We had hand-made ornaments, fat quarters, calendars, scissors, fat quarters, small kits, and all sorts of other wonderful quilting items.

Everyone also brought hand sewing. After we ate, opened gifts and shared projects, we sat in a circle, sewed, and talked. We remarked how nice it was to be sewing with friends like our fore-mothers did. With our current methods of quilting involving heavy sewing machines (or longarms) and mostly machine projects, sewing tends to be very solitary.

It was a wonderful day. I’d love to have regular gatherings for hand sewing!


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