Iron Cleaner


My name is Sue. I am a fuser and my expensive Rowenta iron is a gummy mess. Every time I take a class at the quilt store, and feel their irons gliding effortless over the fabric, I feel a little bit more ashamed!

I was introduced to Bo-Nash Iron Clean sheets at the Vermont Quilt Festival. A packet of ten is less than $5.00. They are very easy to use — just heat your iron, place the sheet (same consistency as a dryer sheet) on a paper towel, and wipe.

It works fairly well. I had a bunch of gunk  on the wide side of the iron that did not come off. The rest of the plate is now nice and slippery. So definitely a big improvement for a little effort and a little money. The instructions say that you may have to use a couple of sheets — which I did — to get your iron fully clean. I suspect this works best if you do it regularly and don’t wait until your iron is really, really bad.

I will say that the sheet is very perfume-y … so beware if you are sensitive to smells. This product is widely available on the internet.


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