“Deer Friends” Quilt Panel by Nancy Halvorsen


I love to purchase quilt panels, but — until recently — most of them remained unquilted. That’s because I tend to like the panel as it is, and often can’t figure out how to make it into a great quilt, especially if I don’t have coordinating fabrics. I’ll admit that I’ve made some pretty ugly quilts out of decent fabric panels.

This winter, I decided to use the panels as a way to practice my longarming skills. It enables me to be creative, the projects are manageable, and they make darn nice wall hangings when they’re finished. Here is the “Deer Friends” panel by Nancy Halvorsen. I’ve also included a link to a coordinating quilt design.

I quilted this in mono poly thread (another new adventure). I have to say that I really like the effect, especially if you’re working with a panel that has many colors. Mono poly lets the quilting show, but without having thread color as a distraction. Here’s a sample of a quilt done with this panel.


Deer Friends


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