Reindeer Quilt


This summer, I spent a couple of very long days cutting, fusing and assembling this reindeer quilt. It is a custom design by Joan Jones of “Seams Like Home.” I’d seen her work at shows and always wanted to make one of her pieces.

I have to say that Joan’s kits are well done. Her patterns are easy to follow and she provides a generous amount of fabric. To be successful, you just need time and a lot of space! You can find her work at

I did a lot of quilting on this, using stitches to mimic fur and also the texture on the horns. For some unknown reason, I felt the need to zig-zag around each piece using invisible thread before securing it with the longarm. On my next project, I will skip the zig-zagging (which took a long time) and go straight to the longarm.

I quilted free style feathers in the red and green border, and used Signature Threads “shadows” to quilt swirls (representing snow) in the black area.

(I’m still working on the photo problem … let’s see if this works for my email subscribers!)

Seams Like Home Reindeer


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